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October 18, 2018
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How to Get Instant Dreadlocks

Have you been thinking about getting dreadlocks but thought it took months to achieve the look? The thought of having to wait months for the hair to lock is a big turnoff for some who desire dreads. After all, how will you style your hair while the hair is locking? Learn how to get instant dreadlocks that you can do yourself.

The good news is you can create instant dreadlocks without the wait, without the hassle, and without having your hair a mess until your hair actually locks up. Is this really possible? Of course it is. Learn how you can do it yourself with the right tools and a little time.

There are five basic ways to dread your hair:

  1. Backcombing method.
  2. Twist and rip method.
  3. Gel and wax method.
  4. Natural method.
  5. Interlocking or latch hook method.

I will discuss the interlocking method, which will provide the results you want without gel, wax, or the dreaded twisting. There is no need to wait six months or more and you have a fresh new look in less time than you think.

You start with one piece of hair at a time using a special latch hook tool. The tool resembles a crochet needle. The method is actually braiding your hair back from the tip to the root. You can do this by hand until you reach the root, at which point you will need the latch hook to get close to the scalp and tighten the hair.

The process is long and in the beginning you may be tempted to give up, but the end result is an instant head of dreadlocks that look fabulous. If you do not want to do this yourself, there are locticians who specialize in the latch hook method who can do all the work for you. Let me warn you that the cost is pricey ($ 500- $ 1,000) but you can achieve the look that it takes many 6-12 months to achieve.

Once your locks are complete, you can show your new look off to your friends who will wonder how in the world you turned your roller wrap or braids into dreadlocks overnight.

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