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October 18, 2018
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How to Become a Magician in Three Easy Steps

You can not become a magician overnight. The profession, primarily dominated by celebrity magicians such as Vitelli, Kris Angel, and David Blaine, requires a set of skills. You will not be pulling rabbits out of hats or making women disappear, however; every magician must start somewhere. Even Vitelli had to start somewhere. Unlike the Harry Potter movies, there are not special schools for wannabe magicians.

It is best to start out trying to do magic tricks while you are still employed – as it could take you years to get to the level that people will pay to see. If you want to be Kris Angel or Vitelli – good luck, but your chances are slim to none. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be like them, however; do not bail on your current job thinking you can become a magician overnight. The only magic you'll see is the bank account slowly disappearing.

In order to become a magician like Vitelli, one must be able to master the art and science of illusion. This is the process of provising mind over matter and grabbing the audience's attention and direction their view towards the part of the stage that is most beneficial. Since you can not make your mother disappear the first time, you will need to start with smaller tricks, such as making coins vanish and reappear as well as guessing cards from a deck. While they may seam rudimentary, you will be surprised at the challenge they pose in the beginning of your studies.

In order to successfully practice magic, one must read, watch, and attempt. The keyword is attempt because you will not grasp the concept on the first dozen tries. Patience is a virtue and it will certainly be tested through your studies. It is best to see as many live performances as possible, however; ensure that you are only watching. Magicians tend to get angry when guests try to figure out their secrets or technique.

Lastly, continue to practice your tricks and progress after you nail each trick. Begin practicing in front of mirrors before trying your tricks on friends and family. Developing stage presence is important, however; it is best to get your routine down before taking acting or drama classes. Focus on the science of magic before trying to master the art and stage aspects.

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