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October 18, 2018
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How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

This is a question I asked myself and no one could give me a definite answer. Why? Quite simply hemorrhoids is a mystery to science, doctors can only give us guesses to why hemorrhoids happened to how a treatment could sooth the pain and irritation of hemorrhoids through trial and error. In effect doctors can not give you a good time of how long do hemorrhoids last.

Trust me, I would gladly welcome any doctor's advice on hemorrhoids, they're the reason why I have to pay so much for medical insurance. Unfortunately all that money does not solve a very basic issue that many people face, which is hemorrhoids. I have gathered quite a bit of information in my quest to learn about this affliction and to see if the basic question of how long do hemorrhoids last can be answered. While the exact causes are not known by the scientific community, one thing they do agree on is that hemorrhoids do not happen overnight, you can not just wake up one day and have hemorrhoids for now reason.

Consequently this also means that hemorrhoids will not be going away if you sleep overnight either, this is going to be a process. Maybe giving a level of severity of the hemorrhoids is necessary here. For level one we'll just say that this is the developmental stages of hemorrhoids and it is very irritating. Level two is where we involve such terms as prolapsed, this means that the hemorrhoids have come out of the anal opening, this is what happens with level, and the hemorrhoids come out but recede back inside. Level three is progressively worse where the hemorrhoids come out but do not go back in without a push from the finger, it has lost all elasticity. The last level four is really bad this is when a prolapsed hemorrhoid comes out, and can not go back in even with assistance.

Depending on your level of hemorrhoid from levels one through four will determine how long do hemorrhoids last? Treatment is possible, such as using the rubber band ligation method. Essentially a rubber band is placed around the hemorrhoid to cease the flow of blood to the area, basically a tourniquet for the solution. Another treatment is to use infrared coagulation, with this method an infrared laser is pointed at the hemorrhoid and this treatment stops the blood from flowing to the hemorrhoid, think of it as a high tech tourniquet. The theory is the same to stop all blood flow to the affected area. Now doing a hemorrhoidectomy is on a whole different ballpark, this involves invasive surgeries and removing the affected areas and as with all surgeries recovery time is dependent on the individual. With all these, the question asked is how long do hemorrhoids last and the answer is, it depends on your hemorrhoid level, what you decide to treat the area with and how long it takes for you to individually recover.

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