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 Happy New Year! Whether you’re already vegan, transitioning to plant-based, or just wanting to eat healthier, I think you’ll love these plant-filled meals. They’re some of our tried and true favorite vegan recipes, loved by kids and adults (vegans and non-vegans alike).

1. Asian Noodle Soup

This might be my most-made meal, and we devour it every time. Awesomely versatile too – change it up based on the veggies you love or have on hand (or some added tofu)!

2. Black Bean Lentil Tacos

I LOVE the flavor and texture of this hearty lentil-bean taco “meat”! Plus it’s fun to think outside the shell – we enjoy the filling on nachos, in burritos bowls, etc. (Or try these super quick Black Bean Tacos with Avocado Sauce instead!)

“This recipe was amazing! It was so simple but tasted fresh and healthy. Exactly what a busy mom needs during the week, my 3 year old devoured his taco, which is a rarity! This will definitely become a staple in this house. Thank you!” -Anonymous

3. Hearty Vegan Chili

I’m not sure words can describe how much I love chili. The BEST! Always so comforting and crowd-pleasing. This only takes 30 minutes, and the leftovers are great. (For a different version try this Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili too!)
“I’ve made this chili 2 times now and it’s been delicious both times. Great recipe!” -Lily

“Delicious! Just made this on a chilly night and I am so satisfied! Thanks for the great recipe.” -Taylor G.

4. Southwestern Chopped Salad with Cilantro Dressing

This is one of the most popular recipes on the site, and my personal all-time favorite salad – the flavors blend so well together and it’s so pretty to look at! (If you’re a salad lover, feel free to check out my salad round-up for more healthy, colorful options!)

“This dressing is absolutely amazing…..I could drink it from a cup! The salad is great too! Thank you. Everyone who ate it was asking for the recipe.” -Anonymous

“Oh my goodness. I just made this tonight. It was incredible! One of my guests said “I want to marry this salad.” Well put. We are all raving. This will be my go-to salad for guests. Beautiful and delicious.” -Debbie

5. Vegan Chili Mac

This has been a family-favorite in our house, loved by kids and adults alike. And only 30 minutes to make with simple pantry staples!

“I made this for dinner tonight and it was great…comforting, but not too heavy…definitely worthy of a repeat…even the omnivore hubby had seconds.” -Terri M.

6. Lentil Spinach Soup

Lentils are amazing little beauties! Packed with fiber, protein, and best of all budget-friendly 🙂 I make this soup (or variations of it – like this Rustic Lentil & Potato Soup) at least once a month.

“What a wonderful soup! My whole family likes it. I even made a vegan home made broth for it. It’s cost effective and the ingredients are readily available.” -Wendy D.

“I made this recipe last night and my boyfriend and I both loved it! I added 2 stalks of celery, 1 Okinowan sweet potato, and used a big bunch of kale instead of spinach because it was what I had in my fridge. I also added Sriracha & avocado to the individual bowls before eating it. I brought leftovers to work today and it’s almost better the second day than the first. I will definitely be making this soup regularly throughout fall & winter. Thanks for sharing!” – Jessica H.

7. Tofu Scramble with Spinach and Tomato

Breakfast for dinner? Yes, please! This is my favorite weekend breakfast, but it also makes a rock-star dinner, especially paired with easy, delicious Roasted Homestyle Breakfast Potatoes!

“Hi Kaitlin. Just made this scramble and loved it. Had to use green onions because that’s what I had on hand and I squeezed a half lime over everything before adding the spinach. Winner!!! Thank you.” -Cyndi E.

8. Quinoa Fajita Burritos

My favorite burrito and awesome week night (or freezer) meal – so easy yet flavor-packed. It’s just as good without the dairy-free cheese!

“These look delicious, and they ARE delicious! I just made them last night and I wish I had more leftover – alas we couldn’t stop eating them so they’re almost gone 🙂 Great recipes here – keep ’em coming!” -Lex

“Holy moley!! I made a batch of these today to freeze, and of course ate one before putting the rest in the freezer. It was soooo good! I’m super excited to have these to eat for the next couple of weeks! Thanks for the recipe and I look forward to enjoying more of your recipes in the future :)” -Alexa W.

9. Protein Monster Vegan Enchiladas

Where do vegans get their protein? *BAM!* These babies have 20 grams of protein each. I could (okay I have) eat the homemade enchilada sauce with a spoon.

I have made these twice in the past month! It’s so easy to customize this recipe. I like to add a can of corn to the filling and it is absolutely delicious! I used to buy cans of enchilada sauce, but your recipe is super easy and tastes so much better! Thank you!” -Jillian

“I made these for the first time last night and they were tremendously delicious. I richened up the sauce by adding more tomatoe paste and some veggie stock starter for extra flavor. Huge hit. Thanks for the awesome recipe!” -Kate Z.

“These are great! I could go vegan! Didn’t miss the cheese at all.” -Mary K.

10. Vegetable Lo Mein

No need to order takeout when you can make your own delicious Chinese cuisine right at home. The secret ingredient here is hoisin – it’s like a thick, Asian BBQ sauce (YUM)!

“Delicious! Best lo mein I have eaten.” -Judeen

“I’ve made this more than once and it is sooooooo good. Thank you for sharing!” -Melissa

11. Tempeh Mushroom Pasta

Pasta night! Take your jarred pasta sauce to a whole other level by adding crumbled tempeh and veggies of your choice. Some of our favorite additions are zucchini, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, and garlic. We love to pair it with Trader Joe’s quinoa & brown rice pasta.

12. Black Bean Avocado Enchiladas

One more enchilada recipe because I just couldn’t resist! This is a delicious vegan remake of reader-favorite Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas.

“These were so good! It’s tough filling up a vegan athletic man but this got a rave review from both of us.” -Shery

One more bonus recipe because this is our go-to lunch and most-requested meal from our 3 year old. Only 5 minutes of prep definitely makes it a mom favorite too 😉
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